• In the second quarter of 2024, we are launching the possibility to become our partner through a simple and easy process.
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Become our supplier and take your business to another level

Sell products on our websites, and marketplaces in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria

In 2023, they proposed to expand our partnerships and to access the markets of Poland, the Czech Republic and Greece.

Become a supplier

I want to become a supplier, what are the steps to follow.
What products are eligible?
Products that do not need a special regime, except for precious metals and precious stones.

If you have products with a special regime, you can contact us so that we can authorize ourselves to be able to sell them through our stores and through our partners.
You can send a ticket
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How do I list products?
How do I send the stock?
Do you need a contract to become a supplier?
What information must appear on the invoice?
How long do I have to deliver the products?
What is the maximum delivery time for the products?
How do I receive my order?
How long do I receive the payment?
Do I have to allow the return of the products?
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